Monday, July 13, 2015

7/12/15 The warmest year ever...2014

Was 2014 the warmest year ever as said?  Of course not.  The earth was once a molten rock.  One of those years was the warmest.  The earth has been in a long term cooling trend ever since.  And there have been some nasty cold periods.  Dangerously cold periods.

Scientists who have been studying mass extinctions noticed a pattern that coincided with ice ages.  It was when our solar system in its cycle around the center of our galaxy encounters the front of the spiral arm of Orion.  I wonder what else this line of study will encounter.

Oh.  But the science is settled.

Of all the hysterias that liberals created for us, global warming has been the biggest.  However, it has not had the impact on us yet that has the fervor to put unqualified people into becoming mortgagors.

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