Wednesday, July 15, 2015

7/15/15 The Demise of the Stupid Party

All a president, any president, has to do is call a treaty and agreement and the senate no longer has the constitutional right of advice and consent to treaties according to the Stupid Party.

I have been saying since the Republicans won an historic election in 2012 the Republicans are on the verge of extinction.  I won’t go into all the ways they have supported Obama’s agenda since their amazing victory. 

Remember back in April when the Republicans passed the Corker bill waiving the Senate’s right to advice and consent on the Iran nuclear treaty?  They didn’t have to do that.  There was absolutely no reason to do that.

John McCain has always been on my list as one of the reasons for the demise of the party.  On this waiver he said they had to pass it because it was the only thing the Democrats would agree to.  But why John, why?  Because president Obama has called the treaty an agreement he says.  The constitution doesn’t allow the Senate to advice and consent on agreements.

When pressed about why the Republicans allowed the White House to bypass the Senate’s advice and consent clause of the Constitution, he responded, “It’s not a treaty, though. That’s the problem. They’re calling it an agreement. If it were a treaty, then it would require 2/3 vote of the Senate in a positive fashion. You know your Constitution.”
When pressed further on the issue, McCain said, “Not when the administration doesn’t call it a treaty–okay? They’re the ones that label it. It is not a treaty. We can’t designate it. They have the ability to call it an agreement. We do not. Those are the facts.”

He went further, “The Congress cannot designate it as a treaty. Ask a Constitutional scholar. We cannot call an agreement a treaty. The administration has to call it a treaty. Ask anyone who is an expert on the Constitution. Yes, you’re frustrated. I am terribly frustrated, because I think this is going to be a new nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East and further destabilizing the most destabilized part of the world.”

If I don't vote millions of others are not voting either.  Hello Hillary.

(I am soooo thankful President Obama has not deemed to call chicken soup a Philly cheese steak sandwich).

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