Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11/15 Instead of GDP

Above: looks terrible

Above: not good

Above: not good this way either

Above:  inventory growth is declining.  Are firms anticipating a slow down or are they being more efficient?

Above:  inventories going down at the same time inventories to sales is going up is not good.  So much for firms being more efficient

Above: personal spending looks good on a nominal basis

Above: on an inflation adjusted basis this is terrible

Above: I am so pessimistic.  Car sales are roaring but I see they are at a peak level

Above: year of year car sales don't look as good but historically there are a lot of times when the figure is below the zero line and this isn't that case here

Above: this is still looking good to me.  Why would we want it to be any higher as it inevitably leads to a down turn when it peaks

Above: looks good

Above: this is fine

-1 Business Sales
-1 Corporate profits
-1 Inventories
-1 Personal spending
+1 Car sales
+1 New home sales
+1 Total construction
-1  Unweighted Net

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  1. Of course those seven items were not the only ones that could be selected.