Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11/15 Ok. My obligatory Syrian post

Obama is hell bent on overthrowing Assad.  There is optimism because Assad has lost so much territory.  I hate to tell them that Assad controls the only good territory which is along the coast north from Damascus.  The rest of the country is a wasteland and cannot support itself.

The population of Syria was 22+ million people.  Close to 300,000 have died and 7 million no longer have homes.  4 million have left the country living mostly in refugee camps.  So 32% have lost their homes, 18% have fled the country.  Outside of Assad controlled territory it is a Mad Max world.

The US has been officially at war with ISIS and now Turkey is.  I have always said ISIS was created to overthrow Assad and that the US doesn’t really do effective attacks against ISIS is proof to me.  Turkey has always prioritized the overthrow of Assad but only recently has officially signed up against ISIS.  Saudi Arabia has always prioritized overthrowing Assad and a lot of Saudi money went to train ISIS in the beginning.

The purpose of overthrowing Assad was he was an ally of Iran.  This is a proxy war in which the innocent have suffered beyond belief.  And with the US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia on one side, with Iran and Russia and probably China on the other side, it means there will be no let up.

See, I don’t do proxy wars.  I confront the enemy.  But Obama had a needed legacy of taming violent Islam so he went for the non-nuclear treaty with them while opposing them in Syria and threatening them with ISIS.  You know, stabbing them in the back.  It is not lost on most people that the money that will flow to Iran from the treaty will mostly go to supporting Assad.

It seems to me Assad, Iran, and Russian will lose eventually.  Then a puppet dictator will be set up even as the people in the Obama administration proclaim they will set up a democracy.  Obama will be proclaimed a peacemaker.  I have gotten to hate most of America.

I all seems so bizarre to me.  In the 80% of the country that Assad doesn't control there is no attempt to pacify it or set up a government, democratic or not.  It is obvious that ISIS is still needed to overthrow Assad.  Good lord.  They know where he is and cannot be protected from bombs. Maintaining that that the U.S. is not a war criminal nation requires ISIS to do our dirty work.

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