Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14/15 This is about jobs, not guns

Sturm Ruger

opened a 220 sq ft plant in North Carolina.  They held a blind job fair and found a lot of people had manufacturing experience from the furniture and textile industries that were sent overseas.

I don't see any people in this photo of the "assembly" line.

Ruger American rifles are made here.  100% of it is American made and they advertise that.  And the rifles are excellent and amazingly inexpensive with a .22 MSRP of $339 and a high powered .270 MSRP $459.

This is high productivity that everyone wants for the U.S.  This is the future of manufacturing for the U.S.  What ever.  I want manufacturing to be returned from the Chinese Communists.

My only question is, what country made those manufacturing machines.

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