Monday, September 7, 2015

9/7/15 Corollary to the psychic toll of gun violence

From Glenn Reynold's Instapundit

Assuming that that second number NPR quotes is accurate: the ‘psychic toll of gun violence’ apparently is worst among people who can’t understand why gun homicide rates keep going down, ‘despite’ the fact that the Left can’t get gun control laws passed. This is not a new problem for the gun control crowd: they’ve been waiting to see gun violence rates rise ever since the ‘assault weapons’ ban expired. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

There is a  corollary.  The left, especially the liberal media, incessantly provoke those on the right in hopes they will become violent.  Then they can pounce on the right saying how they were correct all along that non-liberals were primitive, extremist, and need to be controlled.

For some reason the church shooter didn't have legs.  I think it is necessary for a group of white non-liberals to do something violent to trigger the media and the government.

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