Thursday, September 24, 2015

Right to a Job

The trouble with Rights that are not really Rights is that somebody has to give them to you.  True Rights you already have and somebody has to take them away from you.

Hubert Humphrey should really be the icon of the neo-progressive Democrat party.  Everyone has a Right to a job according to him.
So having a Right to a job forces somebody give you that Right.  That responsibility fell to the Fed in the Humphrey-Hawkins act of 1978.  Instead, policy should be made to make the economy the best it can be.  Forcing a Right to a job has turned the Fed into a forcing machine making bad policy for decades.  And that bad policy has a cumulative effect.

Congress needs to repeal the dual mandate.  It is going to be hard because the Democrat party has always believed in a free lunch.  In this case free money.  A Democrat president would never go along with giving up the free lunch society his party strives so hard to create.

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