Thursday, October 8, 2015

Assad goes / Assad stays

One of Russia’s goals is to make Iran a regional power.  Do you remember Obama saying that Iran could be a regional "power" for the betterment of the Middle East?  You surely remember that. That is when I responded with, "Obama thinks Arabs are niggers and the Persians should be their master".

Good goin’ Obama.  Now Russia will complete your policy.

Battle Lines are belatedly being drawn by NATO (US).  Assad goes/Assad stays.  Simple.  But they made it complicated and Russian has greatly increased the complication.

Prepare yourself.  It will hurt the stock market at first if there is "kinetic action" between the NATO (US) and Russia.


An interesting aside.  I think all those people in foreign policy institutions in Washington are not sleeping well.  They should have pushed for the impeachment of Obama rather than try to get him to conform to their beliefs.

They know they have lost Iraq to Iran.  It won't be long.  There will be a Persian controlled Iraq that has thousands of US personnel in the Green Zone and bases.  Weird.

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