Friday, October 9, 2015

Corruption and morals in Iraq and saving civilian lives

Iraq knows that Russia doesn’t care about corruption.  Iraq knows Russia doesn’t care about civilian shields.  So Iraq would like Russia to go after ISIS there.

The US is a major pain in the ass to the Iraqi government with its unrelenting effort to reduce corruption.   It is a disastrous fact that corruption in the Iraqi government and military have prevented the Iraqi army from being up for retaking Anbar province.  Ground troops are necessary when you are unwilling to bomb when civilian shields are used.  It is Iraq for Mohammed’s sake so Iraq needs to step up to the plate with ground troops.

ISIS knows Russia doesn’t care about civilian shields.  After attacking and killing civilians and letting it be known through the underground that this will continue, it actually saves civilian lives because ISIS will stop using civilian shields as doing so does require resources.  The problem for the US is the world has a double standard.  The world would come down on the US with anvils if the US ignored civilian shields and ISIS knows this and would continue to use them until the US relented.  Same with Israel.  But any other country can do it with impunity.

The burden of being exceptional can be high.  And the American public can't handle the reality of war.

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