Friday, October 16, 2015

Peak Civilization - equal force

I am not a particular friend of Israel, nor of Jewish people.  But when the Obama Administration calls Israeli’s terrorists for defending themselves when being attacked by knives is another example of peak civilization.  And such statements were reiterated and defended by the administration.

Why is it an example of peak civilization?  Because it is false that defending ones self or family or even strangers on the street is terrorism and Obama has a 40+% approval rating.

After England confiscated all guns, violent attacks, especially home invasion, exploded.  When residents being attacked by thugs with clubs started fighting back, England came up with the policy of equal force.  It became law.

So when the 78 year old man stabbed a violent intruder with a kitchen knife the 78 year old man was arrested for excessive force.  The kitchen knife was considered more force than the intruders club.  The intruders young age relative to the 78 year old never was even considered.

The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws in the U.S. are hated by liberals. They need to get rid of these before they can implement equal force laws.

Update from comment:  It is called disparity of force.


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