Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Russia knows how to run a war.  Opposition to Assad, the US supported “moderate Muslims”, are in disarray.  ISIS in Syria has been hurt badly and is disintegrating.  All this is about 5 days.  Like I said Russia knows how to run a war.

Russian ships have launched missiles from the Caspian Sea which mean they must fly over Iran and Iraq whose permission was surely secured.  Iraq, which has what 5,000 US troops stationed there, cooperated with Russian on finding targets.  Now Iraq is asking Russia to go after ISIS in Iraq.

Iranian ground troops, along with Hezbollah ground forces, will clean up and will they ever.  Their rules of engagement are different from US rules of engagement.

Russian has a plan.  Iran has a plan.  The US doesn’t have a plan.  The US forces in Iraq are there protecting the Iraq government securing the Iraqi oil flow to China after the US spent 2 trillion dollars on Iraq alone total over time.

I don’t do proxy wars.  I don’t do wars of attrition.  I remember Vietnam.  Obama has lied to us for how long?  That he was fighting ISIS.  To degrade them.  Then he changed it to degrade and defeat them.  Obama is evil.

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