Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bill Clinton's biggest crime

Bill Clinton had nothing to do with the fall of the Soviet Union.  But it was up to him to help form the resulting society into a free nation.  I remember a girl child spokes person in the very begging of his first year saying, "We don't care about Russia.  They are a paper tiger now".

She meant they didn't have to deal with Russia as  the cold war threat and could ignore it and go about fundamentally transforming the US into...

China was let into the WTO by Bill Clinton and he was responsible for giving them a one sided advantage against us.  It was thought that China would become "liberalized" by getting them to interacting with the world.

But both countries have used their economic gains to reinforce their authoritarian infrastructure and today not only are as repressive within as they ever have been, they are using their economic strength to force their authoritarian ways on the world.

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