Saturday, December 5, 2015

OPEC and your patriotic duty

Before the Friday OPEC meeting

After the Friday OPEC meeting

The OPEC meeting resulted in no change in the current output and didn’t affect oil prices.  At least for now.  OPEC countries are horrible countries, especially Saudi Arabia.  I want the world to get off of needing oil from those disgusting countries.

The only way to destroy those disgusting countries is natural gas powered cars and trucks.  Fine have some electric city run about cars.   It will make us feel good.

America is populated 70% schmucks.  They are so excited about solar and wind power which doesn’t do shit to help the environment but makes them feel good.  Screw the environment.  It is our patriotic duty to get off of oil from countries that hate us.

Instead of subsiding electrical power plants and nearly useless electric cars the US should go on a massive program of CNG power cars.

Yes, I am anti-battery.  Manufacturing them is filthy and produces so much CO2 it is impossible for an electric car to pay it back with lower CO2 operating emissions.  Batteries do almost nothing to reduce OPEC oil dependency.

Pick one state and populate it with GNG fueling stations.  By the way, cars run on both gasoline and CNG with flipping a switch to move between the fuel sources.


A natural gas vehicle (NGV) is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a cleaner alternative to other fossil fuels. Natural gas vehicles should not be confused withvehicles powered by propane (LPG), which is a fuel with a fundamentally different composition. Worldwide, there were 22.7 million natural gas vehicles by 2015, led by China with 4.44 million, Iran with 4.00 million, Pakistan (3.70 million), Argentina (2.48 million), India (1.80 million) and Brazil (1.78 million).[1] The Asia-Pacific region leads the world with 6.8 million NGVs, followed by Latin America with 4.2 million vehicles.[2] In the Latin American region almost 90% of NGVs have bi-fuel engines, allowing these vehicles to run on either gasoline or CNG.[3] In Pakistan, almost every vehicle converted to (or manufactured for) alternative fuel use typically retains the capability to run on ordinary gasoline.

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