Friday, January 22, 2016

All this snow crisis crap

I grew up in the middle of the area that is going to get "historic" snow fall this weekend.  Sorry.  I remember snow falls that came up to car windows and cars were higher then.  That level was straight across the street.  Us boys would shovel not only the side walks but the streets. (Self interest at work as the shoveled streets made for great sledding on the down hills.)  It was always a challenge where to put the shoveled snow.  We never charged old ladies to shovel their walkways to the side walk.  A brother who still lives there is looking forward to playing in the snow this weekend.  His place of work will be closed.  He hopes.  He is in his early 70s.

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  1. Hey Bro, Had a great day playing with the snow. A couple hours with the snow thrower and the shovel cleaned up and ready to drive away. Great exercise. Love the snow ,no problem , but no sledding or skiing yet. Great to be outside.