Monday, January 4, 2016

Cargill fires 200 Muslims for not showing up for work for 3 days - Cargill should be put out of business

I would boycott Cargill if there was a way to do it.  What a sick company.  They provide accommodations for religion.  They deserve what they get.  And they are going to get it from the Obama administration.  If they never accommodated the Muslims in the first place which I am sure they did because they were pressured by the Obama administration, they wouldn't have had this problem.  THERE IS NO END TO DEMANDS FROM MUSLIMS.  NEVER ANY END.  IT NEVER STOPS.  UNTIL YOU CONVERT.

Cargill management are weak pathetic fools.  They are schmucks.  Hey, what are they doing giving Mexican jobs to Muslims anyway.

Here is what the EEOC did to a trucking company that fired just 2  Muslims.  Wait til you see what happens to Cargill for firing 100 times as many Muslims.

Here is one of many articles on Cargill:

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  1. Yea to Cargill. But your problems have just started.
    Are the Syrian Refugees employable in this country???? Or are we going to have new Muslim ghettoes in this country??? We do not trust them!!!