Friday, January 29, 2016

Really, I was one of the first to mention Europe was toast.

It is amazing to see European men pacified by socialism, feminized actually.

And the leaders who achieved this pacification now are doing the equivalent of putting coyotes in a sheep pen.

I just read that the Koran says Muslim men may rape women if they are women acquired through conquest.  Not sure if it is in the Koran or not but it is true that Muslim men believe it to be there.

It is also true that Europeans minimize these sexual assaults.  Have you seen the government cartoons trying to teach Muslim men how to behave?  Like the one where a guy has his hand on a woman’s butt and there is the red slash over the picture?

Those cartoons are going up against the Koran.  Same outcome has coyotes and sheep together in a pen.  What a sad and pathetic joke Europeans are.

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