Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stupid party

Trump enemies attack him as being a phony Christian.  Cruz enemies attack him as being a phony Christian.

Who is listening?  Jewish men.  They hate Hillary Clinton because she hates men and they were a big reason she lost to Barack Obama.  This demographic carefully and generously donate.

Time and time again I have seen Jewish voters and money turn against a Republican candidate when he appeared too Christian and against any abortions even as they viewed the Democrat as too liberal.

People in general are tired of evangelical, abortion, liberty, freedom, and constitution talk.  They want action now on jobs.  They want the Muslim problem to be a problem for Muslims.  They want the political correctness to stop.  They want political corruption to stop.  The want Obama stopped. They want immigration stopped. They want the US to be respected in the world.  How can you be respected when you don't respect your country by having open immigration.  Does anyone respect Europe for importing massive numbers of Muslims?  For trading Jewish people for Muslims?

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