Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Outsiders Trump, Cruz, & Sanders regarding and foreign policy

There is a massive foreign policy institution in Washington D.C.  Obama didn’t think up the Iran deal by himself.  They are up to something.  The big picture goal is totally secret.  As is the strategy for getting there.  But at least you can see what they are doing and infer.

It is strange to pump up Iran while at the same time pumping up our traditional Ally Saudi Arabia.  Iran has complained that the US is provoking Saudi Arabia to a war footing with the Shite Middle East.

It is never direct.  There is something beyond Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Probably the goal is to hurt China somehow.

Who knows?  We don’t and never will.

Trump, Cruz, and Sanders are not liked by the insiders in their respective parties.  It isn’t just over domestic policy.  It is because that foreign policy power in D.C. doesn’t like them and partisan politics has nothing to do with it.  They want a president who will go along with their plans and the three outsiders might not do that.

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