Monday, February 1, 2016

Well Well Well what do we have here - PNAE

Well well well.  Look who is on the board of the most pro-immigration institution in the country
Bottom, second from the right.  Rupert Murdock.  So perhaps this explains Fox News altogether.  And explains Trump not doing the debate.

Michael Bloomberg, Steve Balmer, and the CEO of Boeing, Jim McNerney, all want to import cheaper foreign labor to replace their more expensive engineering staffs, software and others.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, already has replace much of his software engineers with H1B Visa immigrants, and would not pay his fired employees their meager severance unless they trained the replacements.  (Aetna did this also.)

Julian Castro is a hard core anti-American leftist who wants unlimited immigration from Mexico.

Bill Marriott, like Julian Castro, wants unlimited immigration from Mexico for cheap labor for his hotels.

In other words, these men want to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle class.

Here is the link to the home page of PANE:  Do click on each of their pictures and see their little quote.

The best way to boost GDP is population growth.  The Republicans know this.  It is especially important as financial repression of the youth in this country is causing the drop off of marriage and births.

PNAE explains the Trump phenomenon.

Do you think for a second that the board of PANE cares a tiny bit about the American worker?  I believe they only care about enriching themselves further.  And their shareholders.  So I guess it comes down to that.  The owners against the workers.  I will say this about that.  It is the ownership class who have abandoned the American ideal of a large healthy middle class.  The middle class has not turned against itself, even as they may have a lot of company stocks in their retirement portfolios.

What is the difference then between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party on the matter of a large healthy middle class?  None. The Democrats demagogue this issue but all they want is to make the middle class smaller.  No matter what degree on the scale of leftism from Liberalism to Marxism, the bourgeois has always been the enemy of the elites.  They are too educated. They are too independent.  Too hard to control.  And they are too white, meaning whites are too educated, independent and hard to control.

Do Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters have this in common?  Are not Bernie Sanders supports mostly white?

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