Sunday, March 27, 2016

Disparate impact can apply to every and anything, and probably will

"In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that federal housing law allows people to challenge zoning laws and other housing practices that have a "disparate" or harmful impact on minority groups, even if there is no proof that the discrimination was intentional."

Me: Baltimore County must provide blacks 1000 housing units in the suburban areas. It is obvious to everyone that blacks fail when they live in concentration.  This will help some black children, especially the boys, I have no doubt about it.  The only risk is letting blacks reach a critical mass where they revert to their ghetto ways.  I have seen this over and over so many times.  The pull of the culture is strong.  Blacks living with whites put up with whites as long as blacks are few.  A full generation of being in small numbers when living among whites is required to prevent the cultural pull damaging black children. Even so, it will not save all the black children.  Blacks really really don't like whites.  And even if you do this with a hundred cities with 1000 housing units each you still only have 100,000 housing units and say 400,000 blacks living in white culture spread around the county.  It may help but it isn't a final solution especially when white culture is more and more restricted to higher and higher income people.

Disparate impact will spread.  It will involve all non-white races and be applied for Muslims vs. non-Muslims.  It will apply to membership in any club or organization with a preponderance of white non-Muslims. And whites don't have to be a preponderance.  At Emory University there is a virulent anti-white culture and administration and yet whites are less than half the enrollment.  Work, school, clubs, church, even your personal associations and marriages will all will be suspect if there are too many whites.

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