Saturday, March 12, 2016

Leftist mobs against Trump - then there is Ted Cruz

The Left are traitors to everything good, decent and honest in America.  They believe in mob rule.  We have been seeing a lot of it since Obama green-lighted it.  The black riots were Leftist organized.  The campus mobs shutting down any speaker that isn’t promoting white privilege or boycott Israel are leftist mobs.

Most recently we saw the mobs shut down two Donald Trump campaign rallies.  These Leftists are not hiding behind anything or anyone.  They are proud Bernie Sanders Leftists, Black Lives Matter Leftists, Leftists, Soros Leftists.

The Left is all about mob rule.

Then you have Senator Cruz ascribing some blame for instigating the mobs that shut down Trump’s rallies.  Cruz could have taken the high road and used these events as an opportunity to relate the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to these Leftist tactics.  He could have pointed out how and when Obama supported such behavior.  What an incredible disappointment.

If Cruz were to get the nomination, he would face this mob action many many times worse.  The fool.

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