Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OIC won't take a single "refugee"

OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, an organization consisting of 57 countries, will not take in a single refugee.

Wrong.  Jordan has taken a lot and is mightily stress by it.  Turkey takes in many but it is for political purpose, to blackmail Europe. Jordan had taken in refugees for humanitarian reasons.

OIC is accusing Europe of racism and Homophobia for not taking in ALL refugees.  By the way, thank you liberals for giving Muslims the term Islamophobia.

However, I am proudly Islamophobic.  Muslims are subversive and will destroy Europe and the USA from within.

It is queer that liberals never accuse Muslims or Muslim countries of being Homophobic.  And feminists never accuse Muslims or Muslim countries of being sexist.

Who then is really the subversive people in our midst.

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