Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obama’s speech pattern

Obama’s speech pattern:

Simply (fill in the space), doesn’t make (fill in the space), any (fill in the space).

e.g. Simply putting people in jail doesn’t make our communities any safer.

Remember Hillary’s speech pattern?

If only, if only we could just (fill in the space), then (fill in the space).

She used this a lot in the past.  If only we could pass such and such legislation, or do something or another, we could save the world or save something.

These homilies work because most people don’t stop and spend a moment to do critical thinking.   First of all, when a politician speaks, people should immediate go into the mode of asking what is this guy selling.

Another speech pattern I am hearing again now is – there are far too many (fill in the blank).  It is all too easy to (fill in the blank), or it is all too hard to (fill in the blank).

When I hear this pattern I immediately am against whatever they are selling.  Then I might ask myself if there is any reason I might be wrong.  But mostly I just reject it.

What term did communists use, and still use, for people like me.  The term is reactionary.

Liberals have even taken over  here is their definition for reactionary.

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