Sunday, April 17, 2016

The magical decades of expanding credit are over

The mystical age of lower and lower interest rates is over.

The only thing we can do now is lower the cost of living and increase worker productivity.

Which presidential candidate is most likely to effect policies to lower the cost of living and increase worker productivity.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will increase the cost of living by generating more government subsidies which act to support prices.

Keep in mind that almost the sole purpose of congress is to keep the cost of living high for the benefit of its donors.

Trump probably could go over the heads of congress directly to the people better than Cruz.  But Trump hasn't shown the slightest understanding that big government is counter productive.

Cruz completely gets it.  But as president could he go over the heads of congress?  I think he could to a degree but nothing like Trump could if only Trump had a clue.  Cruz certainly knows the insider game of politics and probably could effectively use that to move forward beneficial legislation.

Anyone up for the flat tax?
Anyone up for forbidding public unions?
Anyone up for eliminating the monopolistic protections of the medical industry?
Anyone up for repealing Obamacare?
Anyone up for cutting back on environmental Stalinism?

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