Saturday, May 14, 2016

By the way, they are not done with us yet

I don’t know what Obama and his Deep State are going to do next and it will be soon, and it will be more crushing us under their thumb.  No!  Now it will be crushing us under their heel.  We will love Big Brother in the end.

Normal people would have done something about this long ago.  So I expect nothing to be done about the next wave.

What are the options?

Since there are no brave leaders* to lead us out of this, it seems going along with it is good meaning don't get noticed.  Joining is best.

Best option for your children or grand children.  Be a lawyer from the top 15 law schools.  Work directly or indirectly with the Federal government.  A position in a big lobbying firm would probably be the best.  Actually, you can work for those special interest generalist lobbyists without being a lawyer but you need to have Washington D.C. experience.  Have your graduating children or grandchildren start out as an intern for congress. They can work their way up from their.  That way they only have to graduate from college without going to law school.

I think that is #1 best option.

*Trump could do it but he is a wuss.  When he got pushed back by the Islamist mayor of London, he backed off his temporary Muslim immigration moratorium.

Cruz would have tried.  But the Republican party hates him so very very much.  They would sabotage him every step of the way.

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