Thursday, May 5, 2016

Target boycott

I bought something at Walmart that I was going to buy at Target the day I found out about the boycott petition and signed it.

The boycott has had zero effect on the stock price.  In the chart Target is the numerator and the retail industry is the denominator.  If the line is going up Target is doing better than the industry.  If the line is moving down Target is doing worse than the industry.  Since the line is going sideways Target is doing just as well as the stock prices of the industry.

I don’t care if the boycott doesn’t hurt Target.  I cannot patronize a company that hates women.

Here is someone who thinks the whole transgender thing is phony.  I agree. Look at Bruce Jenner.  He won't cut his junk off.  Some do though.  The get a surgical vagina.  Maybe those people are just gay.

There was a time when freaks just kept quiet and lived in the closet.  Now society pays for sex change operations.  Peak Civilization is here.

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