Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Best Option for secure living

Many apartment and condominium complexes, large or small, have access to the door from the outside.  Your door needs to be inside a building.  There needs to be one door at one end of the ground floor building and one door at the other end.  Both doors need to be security doors with electronic access.

The building itself needs to be in a complex where there is one entrance and that entrance needs to have a security guard with a railroad style crossing gate.

Ground floor unit windows and patios are vulnerable.  There should be no ground floor units.  Use the ground floor for parking.

Living in a single family home, town home, condo or apartment complex in a dense area should have a wall completely around the development or block with no more than two places to enter and depart.  Those entrances now need a security guard with a gate.

It isn't asking your friends and families to stop and notify the guard who they are coming to visit.  It isn't too much to inform the guard who you are expecting.

Hopefully it won't be necessary in the future to add parapets to the roof.

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