Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Power and the Left (regressive neo-progressives)

What is inaccurate here is the word tendency.  The left does it on purpose. The proper word is deliberate. This list describes the Obama radical left administration perfectly.

From Charles Hugh Smith via Zero Hedge quoting Norman Cousins.

Cousins' description of the pathology of power is an uncannily accurate account of the Fed and other central bank fiefdoms.
"Connected to the tendency of power to corrupt are yet other tendencies that emerge from the pages of the historians:
1. The tendency of power to drive intelligence underground;

2. The tendency of power to become a theology, admitting no other gods before it;

3. The tendency of power to distort and damage the traditions and institutions it was designed to protect;

4. The tendency of power to create a language of its own, making other forms of communication incoherent and irrelevant;

5. The tendency of power to set the stage for its own use."

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