Friday, June 3, 2016

Scanning the media re Trump violence

As expected, the media doesn’t finger the uncivilized Mexicans for the violence against white people in San Jose.

The left is the dominate culture in the US because it owns the media and people are ignorant.


I already don’t go to Mexican restaurants.  I already don’t go to food places that hire Mexicans for order takers or servers.  I boycott ESPN.  I boycott Comcast.  I don’t hire Mexican’s for services and forget about paying them under the table.  I don’t care how cheap they are.  I don’t go to movies that have name actors and actresses.

My actions are meaningless.  What are the options?

Since political violence is justified on the left and the left owns the government and their swat teams I think one can only hide from the Nazis.  That is, hide from the white liberal elitist who support the Nazis.

I guess this isn’t yet a civil war.  Just a cultural war where the left is allowed to be violent for political purposes.

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