Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some Options

If you live in a Democrat controlled city with concentrations of blacks or Mexicans, shelter one hour before sunset to one hour after sunrise. Traveling by car at nigh - wait for local traffic news which is where mobs will first be reported.

I think soft targets like restaurants are more safe after San Bernardino.  There were only 14 people killed there and Americans were not much phased by it.  More deaths are required and I imagine Muslims think 50 deaths is the minimum now required when planning.

Muslim faces:

Situational awareness is often promoted by law enforcement.  Muslims now know not to dress like a Muslim when executing an attack.  Look at pictures on the news and on the internet of Muslims. Concentrate on their faces.  If you see normal dressed faces like those you have studied be alerted and observe the behavior closely.  If it looks fishy, get your family and friends out of there.

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