Monday, July 25, 2016

Progressivism definition is incrementalism

Progression is a better term.  It is incrementalism.  I will use the term progressionist instead of progressive.

Here is a Bloomberg headline today:

Move progressively, not all at once.  Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were not progressives.  Many other Marxists opposed their totalitarian tactic.  They wanted to progressively, meaning incrementally, infiltrate middle class values and their institutions.

Back then they always used the term bourgeois: 


Or bourgeoisie:

European and American Leftists know better than to use the communist word of the philosophers and academics back then.  Hugo Chavez and Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela sure didn't and don't have a problem with using the term.  The hate the middle class because the middle class stands in the way of converting everyone below the elitist like themselves to the same proletariat class.

I remember back in the 50s and 60s when the leftists abandoned their efforts to make massive gains in taking over capitalism.  I remember one of them saying why go to all that trouble trying to manage the means of production and we don’t do that very well anyway.  Let the capitalist run the companies but we will progressively pass legislation to out our liking to gain more and more control over companies.  First, they infiltrated the Democrat Party.  I watched them take over the League of Women Voters.  I watched them take over Common Cause.

 ET: We are all familiar with the destructive results of revolutionary communism, particularly as it matured under full totalitarianism under Stalin and Mao. However, there were other political thinkers which advocated a much more subversive approach for the implementation of communism in the West, such as Gramsci for instance.
Shocked that during World War I workers ended up fighting other workers instead of the “maleficent” bourgeois, these thinkers reasoned that this was because Europeans were too conditioned by their own nationalism, families and religion – all of which broadly formed the basis of their civilization. So to achieve communism these institutions had to be eradicated from society, not necessarily by force like in Russia or China, but by progressive infiltration and ideological replacement of the media, education, politics, unions and even the religious institutions themselves.

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