Thursday, July 28, 2016

U.S. & Europe are high trust societies


“It has been said that Western societies are "high-trust" societies, that is, members of these societies trust their fellow citizens and the various institutions that keep the systems running.  We trust each other to (in the majority) behave honorably.  We trust the police to identify and apprehend the suspect when our fellow citizens fail our trust.  We trust the justice system to try and punish, if necessary, those suspects.  We trust the banks to hold our money and at least not lose it.  We trust our media to report the facts.  We trust our government to treat us fairly.”

Now me: If trust is lost in a previously trusting society, there is chaos.  That is because in non-trust societies they already have a varying degree of police state that keeps things under control.  Trusting societies don't have that in place.

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  1. Very good and true !!! We all trust our money and taxes to the unknown people and companies that employ them.. The very part needed in the rule of law that keeps us civilized and safe.