Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Allahu Akbar knifers part 2

In every Allahu Akbar knifing there were dozens of people witnessing it. 

None helped.  Usually.  When people have helped they were knifed to death as happened in England during the Brexit vote.

How could one help?  Do you carry a knife?  Are you in good shape and physically agile?  Are you athletic?  Are you a knife fighter?

When they ban guns in the U.S. there will be massive attacks on people.

“Police in Akron, Ohio, have charged a group of men with a variety of violent offenses after accusing them of viciously beating several white people while chanting, “Black lives matter.”

Home invasion will be common.

But again, as in part 1, liberals will be ok with it.  In fact, it will be the fault of the victims because America is bad.

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