Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I knew the sheriff of a large well to do county.  He said there are two things that keep the animals from going to the suburbs and attacking whites.

One was it was out of their element.  They were uncomfortable with the layout of the streets including hills.

The other is there is an awareness that whites have guns.

One of his deputies I knew well at the time gave me response times when the police or sheriff was called.  They had some of the best times in the country but it often took 5 minutes to get there.

We saw the Los Angeles police let the black Watts rioters leave their area.  We saw that they actually protected the roving bands.

You want to ban guns?  You will regret it.  Home invasion will become the norm.  Gang attacks will become the norm.

And this is all part of the plan.  And the U.S. elected a president who believes in this plan.  He is a really happy person in my opinion as I observe him.  He never ever thought he could have accomplished so much.

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