Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prepare to abandon the Republican Party

It is now completely out in the open that the Leftist Progressionist of the Democrat Party, the New York and California media, Soros, Obama, and Clinton is and has been undermining America and the Western World with unrelenting subterfuge.

I am waiting for the leaders of the Republican Party to announce a TV ad program exposing this on the very same anti-American TV stations that work to undermine the United States.

They are all subversive.  Muslims are subversive.  They are told to how to make trouble by the Leftist operatives.  For now in the U.S. it is to scream Islamophobia, discrimination, and sue via various administrative venues like the EEOC and the labor department.

In Europe the subversives are being funded by these Western traitors to create mayhem and terrorism.

I suspect the Republican Party is too busy trying to find out how to get Trump to drop out to bother themselves with the existential threat from the Left.

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