Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The police will not protect you - more proof

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia says there are “absolutely” too many guns in America, and that more gun control is needed.

Garcia also said Black Lives Matter is “a valid movement” and that his police department needs to to “acknowledge … [our] badge didn’t always stand for what it stands for today.”
In another story:
In Fremont, CA there is a very upscale neighborhood of Indians.  The low life in the East Bay figured correctly that they must have gold in their houses because Indians love gold.  An Indian resident of the neighborhood acknowledged that.
But they have security cameras inside and one resident while dining out had a break in by five blacks.  The live recording and live alert showed them crouching with guns waiting for the homeowners to come home and show them the gold.
The armed burglars got impatient and ransacked the place then fled.  They got away.  The police were only a few minutes too late.  The police department spokesman said seconds too late. 
This was the fourth such burglary recently all done by a group of 3 to 5.

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