Thursday, August 18, 2016

Will they let an Afghan man off for murder?

So you’re the boss and you off offhandedly as a greeting ask an Afghan male employee, “How’s the wife and kids?”

Then he kills you. He has a female daughter.

Then do the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama judges and Democrat Party prosecutors let the Afghan off with probation and remedial training?

From the handbook:

Afghanistan:  A key difference between Afghan and mainstream American cultures is that the latter stresses the independence of the individual while the former emphasizes the individual’s de‐ pendence on the family. Afghanis are generally reluctant to share personal and family issues with nonfamily members, though women may discuss their problems with friends, including non‐Afghans. An Afghan's family is a matter of great privacy. It is considered a breach of manners among liberal Afghans, and an act requiring revenge among conservatives, for a man to express interest of any sort in another man's female relatives.  

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