Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Tulsa Police Shooting - good and proper police work

The media is vile and evil but we know that.  They edited their still pictures to frame the cop.  They showed a still picture of the man with his hands up and titled it that he was shot even though his hands were up.

The dash cam video of the Tulsa officer shooting a black man doesn’t even show he was shot with his hands up.  The proper interpretation is that the black man was walking away from the officer with his hands up to stall her from shooting as he walked to his car.  All the while the officer was shouting at him to stop.  After he reached into his car window he was shoot.

Video from the police helicopter show the black man dropping his hands and reaching into his car.  Then he was shoot.

Police have been shot to death after a subject has reached into the car pulling out a gun, in one case, a M1 carbine.

Good and proper police work.

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