Sunday, September 11, 2016

Then what drug did they give H Clinton. I want some.

First Hillary Clinton had heat exhaustion (on a moderate day).  Then it was pneumonia (yet she embraced a child outside Chelsea's apartment).  Then it was dehydration.  Then what was the drug they gave her at Chelsea’s apartment that she could come out smiling and waving to the crowd, glad handing them even though she carried a dangerous bacterium?  I want some.

There is one video out there with a poor angle.  This one is revealing.  When the car came to get her she didn’t respond.  When your car shows up you gather up your purse, you straighten your body, you step forward in anticipation.  They came for her and then she lost control her body.  I guess she had already before they came to help her.

This is freaky.

This woman is a mess.  I am sure this is why she has so few in person appearances.  And when she has them they are short.  Not always.  But I think she is being governored* like you do a small engine.

*Machinery. a device for maintaining uniform speed regardless of changes of load, as by regulating the supply of fuel or working fluid.

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