Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do you understand why the emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop is a big thing?

First of all, all the emails could be there, none ever deleted.  Hillary bleached tens of thousands of emails saying she did so because they were personal, no business of anyone.  But if the bleached emails are on Weiner’s laptop and they contain classified info then she is guilty of obstruction of justice.

The criminal Clinton enterprise didn’t know that Weiner’s laptop was synced to Clinton.  It only was because Huma would have probably unknowingly done so by using Outlook so she could use his laptop at home for convenience.  Even Huma could have not realized it when under oath said she turned over all devices.

When Hillary’s server was bleached, it was taken off line first.  That means that Weiner’s laptop never had a chance to sync and have its emails deleted when doing so.

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