Monday, November 14, 2016

Founding fathers and slavery

I am sick and tired of the attacks by blacks on the founding fathers.  Slavery was not then the total sum of the Colonies.  The founding fathers were great men.  They advanced Western Civilization.  Black people, that is Africans, had zero Western Civilization back then and Africa now has precious little of it.  As it was back then there was a lot of slavery in the world.  But it was the advanced Western Civilization in America that instigated the end of slavery.  Blacks in America enjoy the benefit of Western Civilization.  Blacks are not welcome almost everywhere else in the world.  And as has been apparent, Africans have been the hardest people to assimilate.

I am sick and tired of having slavery rubbed in my face.  Blacks, that is Africans, were the single only people in the world that were and would be too stupid to come here on their own.  I don’t know that you could thank the tribal leaders who sold their own people to the Muslims who sold them to the Spaniards who shipped them to work the cotton fields here.  But in the end it has served a greater purpose to assimilate Africans into Western Civilization and to show the world that different races can live in the same country, though in practice the US is really the only place that this is actually tried.  Maybe Karma can be thanked.

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